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L1G2: Increase Installation Resiliency

GOAL DESCRIPTION: This goal creates tools and actionable plans to ensure the execution of mission-critical installation and mission support priorities are aligned with higher headquarters and Air Force priorities. This will reduce vulnerabilities while enhancing our ability to protect, respond, and recover from disruptions to operations and supporting infrastructure.


G2.A — Complete 100% of Installation Energy Plans (IEP)(s) NLT Dec 23 

G2.B — Transition 100% of Department of the Air Force (DAF) installations onto an enterprise sustainment contract for back-up power for IT systems (PICCE) NLT FY 24 

G2.C — Deliver a standardized maintenance and cybersecurity capability for Enterprise Land Mobile Radio infrastructure at >90% of DAF installations NLT Dec 22 

G2.D — Provide a robust, predictable and capable transportation capability (85%) standardized with industry (CMVE) NLT Sep 23 

G2.E — Standardize law enforcement equipment for 100% of all DAF installations NLT Dec 23 (Model Defender)

Our installation resiliency goal is an integral part of AFIMSC’s mission to deliver globally integrated installation and mission support. The more resilient our installations are, the more successfully we maintain the mission objectives as we overcome challenges and adversity.

We made progress across all of our objectives, including energy acquisition, category management, logistics management and installation access control.

Our Air Force Security Forces Center teammates provided all installation commanders with an access control point (ACP) tool ahead of agreed upon goal implementation schedule.

Our goals are making our installations more secure, through ACP and working dog acquisitions, and more resilient through our category management, energy resilient acquisition practices and improvements in logistics readiness by expediting shipping processes.

We are excited about the 2022 strategy. We are adding installation resiliency goals focused on communications and information technology security, while enhancing goals targeting installation energy, logistics and security.


(Current as of Dec. 6, 2021)